Identify and Eliminate Health Risks in Older Homes: Lead Removal, Asbestos Testing, and More

The 1970s heralded a new awareness about potentially hazardous ingredients in house paint, insulation, and building materials. Although lead-based paint and asbestos materials are virtually non-existent in most houses build during the past 30 years, owners of older homes may need to have tests conducted to help ensure a healthy living environment.

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Older houses can have a lot of charm and character, but one of the tradeoffs of buying or living in an older home is that air quality or other issues may have to be addressed. Health threats associated with lead-based paint, for example, are a risk that need to be addressed particularly by parents of toddlers and babies. The encouraging news is that specialists can be hired to test air quality, painted surfaces, and other potential trouble spots to make sure your home doesn’t pose any health risks to your family. Lead, asbestos, and mold are probably the three most common substances found in older homes that you’ll need to be concerned about.

If you’re worried about the presence of asbestos in your home, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Web site offers extensive information on how to identify and manage potential risks. It also provides tips on hiring asbestos testing inspectors and “corrective action” contractors. The EPA points out that prior to the 1970s, asbestos was widely used in building products and insulation materials. Today, the few products that do contain the cancer-causing material are usually required to be labeled as such. In many instances, the presence of asbestos in an older home does not present a health threat, especially if it’s covered or in good condition. However, hiring an asbestos testing company can identify any possible risks in your home and help put your mind at ease.

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In homes built before 1978, a potential health risk-especially to children under six years of age-is exposure to lead-based paint chips or dust. The EPA recommends that homeowners look into lead testing services if they’re planning a renovation, remodeling, or repainting project. Health risks could be created if painted surfaces are scraped, sanded, or otherwise disturbed. If warranted, having lead testing done by a certified company could be the ounce of prevention needed for keeping your home safe.

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The presence of mold in homes or businesses is usually not considered a major health hazard, although it can produce respiratory symptoms, watery eyes, or skin rashes in people with allergies. Household mold, which tends to thrive in areas like wet basements and crawlspaces, can sometimes trigger allergic reactions and hay fever-like symptoms. There are certified mold inspection services in most communities that can provide testing services and let you know whether mold remediation is needed.

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